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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
A Letter from the Heart (Written August 2009)

RMGHHello to everyone my name is Veronica Alston and this letter is straight from the deepest part of my heart.  I have recently opened a group home in Lusby, MD that provides counseling and intervention for young women who are recovering from abuse, alcohol, drug addiction and incarceration.  The purpose of the program is to assist these women to become self-sufficient and to achieve a sense of meaning, fulfillment and purpose.  Ruth’s Miracle Group Home provides a second opportunity to live a rich, rewarding and abundant life.  I hold this group home very close to my heart because like the women in the home, I myself am a recovering drug addict. 

I was once addicted to crack cocaine, speed, marijuana and countless other illegal substances.  I have also spent time in jail due to substance abuse.  I am not ashamed to say that I indulged in these substances for years, yet I am now an overcomer and I believe that I can help these women who have shared many of my same experiences.  My testimony is one that reflects second chances, restoration and success.  Being a victim of abuse myself, I first started using drugs when I was in my early twenties.  I thought that by taking substances, it would help me to deal with my problems; but as a result of using drugs, I ended up losing precious time and years with my three children and five grandchildren.  I thought that my children were oblivious to what I was doing, so my first reaction was to stop using the drugs “for them.” 

At one point, I reached rock bottom and my children came to me and pleaded with me to stop using the drugs.  However I quickly learned that doing or not doing something for someone else was not enough motivation to make a significant change in my life.  I continued using drugs for a few more years and found that I was not only hurting my family but I was hurting myself more than anyone else.  One day I finally realized that the inspiration I needed, to change, was found within me and was also the best mentor for me.  I soon became sick and tired of hurting others as well as myself, living in pain and wasting precious time.  I went to a higher power of source and began to surround myself with clean, sober, and positive people. 

My life soon began the process of change as I started to soar towards a better life.  I truly believe that there is a beautiful and more abundant life to live.  I have decided to share my experiences so that other women who are going down the same path will understand how rich and rewarding life can be without the use of substance abuse.  Ruth’s Miracle Group Home is the foundation that will help change lives of many women for years to come. 



Veronica Alston



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