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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Our Mission at RMGH

Ruth’s Miracle Group Home Foundation (RMGH) mission is to meet the immediate needs of homelessness in women and their children.  RMGH addresses concerns of physical and substance abuse that exit in the lives of women who are struggling to overcome mental influences and emotional scars encountered as a result of domestic violence, drug use, alcohol addiction or incarceration.  We are also committed to supporting female veterans by providing transitional housing, and additional resources through collaboration with other grassroots and community organizations.

RMGH is a direct response to the great commission and we stand as an intercessor on behalf of those striving to restructure their character and to obtain an effective lifestyle.  RMGH is exclusively dedicated and will passionately labor with these women through the healing and rehabilitation process, until each individual regains self-image, self-esteem, achieve a level of dependency, and are able to function responsibly to become productive citizens in society.  

Here at RMGH our goals are to embrace women from all walks of life, regardless of their race or creed, and to further their healing and rehabilitation process. Some of our other objectives include: advocating for the concerns and needs of female veterans and their families; positively impacting women as they transition back into the community as productive citizens; and, to help restructure their self-image and self-esteem in recovery.

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